Costume Designer Gets Real About Super Heroine Armor

Whether watching a live-action film or an animated show, there is one constant flaw with the female superhero – her ridiculous and impractical armor.

Everywhere you look, there are heroes and, sometimes villains – looking at you Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn- donning fashion that is borderline impractical for running to the grocery store, let alone fighting crime. Black Widow might look amazing in her tight black leather one piece body suit, but the zipper down the front is the first place a villain might grab to throw her off her guard. Supergirl (in the animated Justice League cartoon) covers her arms but leaves her entire midsection completely uncovered.


Luckily it seems as though things are finally changing for women heroes. As seen in the latest DC film, Wonder Woman, a female hero can not only look amazing – and sexy – but can wear practical armor. Wonder Woman not only proves that the main hero of the film can still rock her iconic look while staying protected, but that all female warriors can rock practical armor.

Costume designer Amanda Weaver took to Twitter to praise the impressive amount of research that Wonder Woman costume designer, Lindy Hemming put into her work on the film.

Amanda Weaver Tweets

Weaver points out that it is almost blatantly obvious that in past renditions of Wonder Woman, including the beloved Linda Carter show, Diana’s costume was designed with lingerie in mind.

wonder woman costume lingere

lindy hemming roman armor

Hemming clearly took real historic armor from ancient warriors and made them practical for a modern female hero. Translating male armor for women isn’t that complicated, simply ask how would a man protect himself in battle, and then add room for boobs.

wonder woman armor

Of course, Hemming didn’t just do her research for Diana and Antiope. The Roman influence on the Amazonian armor is apparent all over Themyscira. Hemming even went a step further and added a bit of Amazonian folklore to her designs too.

Though Weaver fully admits that Wonder Woman’s armor is highly stylized, it doesn’t disregard the fact that it is practical, especially compared to the lingerie inspired looks of past Wonder Women. What’s more, Gal Gadot’s Diana actually pokes fun at the style of her former incarnations in the film.

When Etta Candy and Diana are shopping for a more inconspicuous look for Diana in London, the Amazon warrior takes a close look at a corset on a mannequin. She immediately asks in a curious and disappointed voice if that is what passed for armor for humans. Of course, she is soon corrected and told that the corset is indeed an undergarment, not suited for battle.

Needless to say, it’s clear that Hemming’s designs should be the new standard for female hero costume design. Lingerie is not armor.

[H/T The Mary Sue, Amanda Weaver Twitter]

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