Star Wars: Forces of Destiny Proves Rey Used The Force To Survive On Jakku

The much anticipated Star Wars: Forces of Destiny has finally hit the internet. The series of short videos will give Star Wars fans a closer look at some of the franchise’s favorite female heroes. While many are looking forward to the reappearance of Ahsoka Tano and a young Princess Leia, the first episode features the series most recent heroine, Rey.

“The Sands of Jakku” takes place exactly where the title suggests, the sandy desert planet of Jakku in the time between when Rey and BB-8 first meet and their arriving at Rey’s home/destroyed AT-AT. While the two are traversing the desert, the sands begin to shift indicating that there is danger afoot.

One of the creatures that call Jakku home, and is briefly spotted in The Force Awakens is a Nightwatcher – think snail meets the worms from Tremors or Sandworms from Beetlejuice. These creatures have had to adapt to the harsh life on Jakku and live off eating junk. So, naturally, the hungry beast spots BB-8 rolling around after Rey and decides to make it dinner.

After a bit of running, fighting, out maneuvering, and spitting, Rey and BB-8 make it back home without any issues – obviously, otherwise, The Force Awakens would have been a very different story.

Other than fans getting a little glimpse into what life is really like on Jakku, what makes this episode really interesting is that viewers can see Rey clearly using the Force long before she realized what it meant. A major complaint about Rey in The Force Awakens was that it seemed impossible that she was able to suddenly call upon the Force so easily. However, after watching Star Wars: Forces of Destiny, it’s clear that Rey has been relying on her Force powers to keep her alive on Jakku. Rey was able to sense where the

In this first episode, Rey was able to sense where the Nigthwatcher was underground, which allowed her to use her staff to save BB-8. Needless to say, we can assume that she has been using her powers in such a way all her life – or at least the entire time she has had to survive on her own on Jakku.

Of course, this episode isn’t all about Rey’s ability to use the Force, it is about her innate ability to be kind, even to those who try to eat her new droid friend. Rey and the Nightwatcher are very similar in certain ways – they both survive on junk. While the Nightwatcher eats junk, Rey turns her junk in for rations, so on days where there is no junk to be harvested, both Rey and the Nightwatcher would go hungry.

Perhaps Rey notices this similarity between herself and the creature, or perhaps she just truly knows what its like to go hungry. Either way, Rey doesn’t fault the creature for trying to eat BB-8, she doesn’t try to kill it. Actually, in the end, Rey feeds the Nightwatcher part of her home so it can have something in its belly for the day. If that isn’t a sign of pure compassion for others, I don’t know what is.

Star Wars: Force of Destiny will be releasing more episodes on the Disney YouTube channel before the show officially airs on Disney Channel on July 9th. Future episodes will feature other beloved characters such as Jyn Erso, Sabine Wren, Padmè Amidala, Princess Leia, and Ahsoka Tano.

Are you looking forward to seeing more from your favorite heroines? Who else would you like to see more of, male or female or droid even?

[H/T The Mary Sue, YouTube: Disney]

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